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I could literally watch barefoot at the symphony every day for the rest of my life.


I hate it when people say Idina Menzel is perfect, because the reason she is perfect is because she is imperfect. She doesn’t always say the right thing, she gets awkward, she forgets her lines, she doesn’t always hit the notes, she’s not the image of barbie. But that’s why everyone loves her! Her fans relate to her not because she’s this image of perfection, but because she’s human, she makes mistakes, yet she accepts them and moves on. That’s why Idina is my role model.


Kristen Bell got complimented in a big way by the amazing Idina Menzel!

(Source: theladyelsa, via disneymusical)


This needs to happen.

Elizabeth (Idina Menzel) If/Then (via moowithmeidina)

You learn to hold your life inside you
and never let it out.
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